Belgazprombank offers a range of lending products to meet your business' particular financial needs:

  • Closed-end loans
  • Line of credit
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Business overdraft
  • Current account loans
Liquidity Loans
Revolving credit gives many finance planning options to companies. If a borrower has available cash flow, it can repay the loan and, if required, loan can be re-drawn during the loan term for the purposes pre-approved by the loan agreement. The borrower thereby pays for the amount it actually withdrew.
In case of temporary shortfall of cash on its current account, the borrower can apply for an overdraft loan that can be drawn for payments of goods (works or services) up to the amount of a set debit limit (overdraft).
Fixed Asset Loans
If you need to purchase fixed assets, equipment, renew your production facilities or construct new premises, you can obtain a fixed asset loan for your project payback period.
Stock Lending
You can acquire deferred payment notes.
Promissory note loans enable businesses to increase their circulating assets more cost effectively compared to a regular bank loan.
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Factoring is a financial transaction whereby the bank pays for goods or services supplied by the company to the buyer; the company sells to the bank receivables due from the buyer. Thus, when dispatching a deferred payment shipment, the supplier can sell its receivables for the delivery and so release funds tied up in its sales.

Invoice factoring enables businesses to raise cash without having to wait weeks for payment. Belgazprombank performs factoring transactions both in USD and BYR.
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Finance lease is a transaction whereby the bank (the lessor) purchases an asset from a supplier to transfer this asset to the customer (lessee) who takes the risk of ownership of this asset. The lessee uses this asset and repays its cost to the lessor in installments within the term of the lease agreement (commonly, 12 to 30 months). The lessee gets an opportunity to expand its business, increase production capacity and upgrade the technology using the asset lease option or start up production without massive money injections (as all expenses are covered by the bank).

After all payments under the lease agreement are made, the ownership of the asset shall be transferred to the lessee.
Belgazprombank offers finance leasing options stipulating repayment in BYN and foreign currencies. Finance lease has a number of advantages compared to conventional funding:
  • Lessee is free to choose an asset to purchase and opt for suppliers whose requirements best suit its budget.
  • Lessee makes an advance payment of only 25-30% of the asset value and, if the business is stable, the bank will not require any additional collateral. In exceptional cases the advance payment can be reduced, provided the lessee's liability is backed with liquid assets or third parties' guarantees against the agreed-upon amount. Thereby, the collateral will be less than if raising a loan.
  • Finance lease is a tax-efficient tool as lease repayments are made from pretax income.
  • The lessee receives an opportunity to release its funds; monthly payments are made from proceeds from the business' principal activity. The lease finance program is self-rewarding.
  • Fixed monthly installments make budgeting easier.
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Bank Guarantees

Belgazprombank's guarantee provides security for its customers' obligations.
Belgazprombank undertakes to pay its client's debt to the creditor. Bank guarantee ensures that the liabilities of a debtor will be met.
Belgazprombank offers the following types of guarantees: payment guarantees, advance payment guarantees, tender guarantees, performance guarantees, loan note guarantees, duty deferment guarantees.
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