• Corporate cards help large corporations and organizations to manage, monitor and analyze travel and entertainment expenses;
  • Your authorized employees can use these cards to pay for goods and services as well as to get cash, up to limits you prescribe, at more than a million ATM and bank locations around the globe;
  • Maximum convenience for your employees;
  • Online payments;
  • Can be used to pay for mail and phone orders, hotel stays, car rentals;
  •  Not all transactions are PIN-approved, which saves your time;
  • Cards are embossed, voice authorization is available; can be used in electronic terminals and imprinters;
  • Our corporate cards are accepted worldwide. You can purchase or withdraw cash in any currency anywhere in the world regardless of what is the official currency of your card account;
  • Maestro, MC BusinessCard, Visa Electron and Visa Business can be issued as corporate cards.
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