Full name:

Belorussian-Russian Belgazprombank Joint Stock

Short name:




Previous names:

1990-1993 – Ekorazvitie
1993-1997 – Olymp since
1997 – Belgazprombank

Date and number of state registration:

28 January 1997, No. 16

Banking license:

No. 8 issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on 08.07.2020 empowering Belorussian-Russian Belgazprombank Joint Stock to perform the following banking operations:

  • attraction of monetary assets from individuals and corporates into bank accounts and deposits;
  • placement of monetary assets attracted from individuals and corporates into banking accounts and deposits on its own behalf and at its own expense on condition of repayment, serviceability and maturity;
  • opening and maintaining of bank accounts for individuals and corporates;
  • opening and maintaining of precious metals accounts;
  • settlements and cash services to individuals and corporates, including correspondent banks;
  • currency exchange operations;
  • purchase and selling of precious metals in cases established by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
  • attraction and placement of precious metals on deposits;
  • bank guarantees;
  • trust management of monetary assets under trust management of monetary assets agreements;
  • issue of banking payment cards;
  • issuance of securities confirming the attraction of monetary assets into deposits and their placement into bank accounts;
  • accounts receivable financing (factoring);
  • providing individuals and corporates with special rooms and safes therein located for banking storage of documents and valuables (monetary assets, securities, precious metals and precious stones etc.);
  • transportation of cash, payment instructions, precious metals and precious stones, and other valuables between banks and non-banking credit and financial institutions, between their remote and structural subdivisions, and delivering such valuables to customers of banks and non-banking credit and financial institutions.

Certificate of registration

Banking licence

Charter May 29, 2020

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