Belgazprombank Assigned ‘byAA+’ Belarus National Scale Credit Rating by Expert RA

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Rating agency Expert RA has assigned its credit rating of ‘byAA+’ with a stable outlook to Belgazprombank. Taking into account the adjustment for country risk, when transferred from the national rating scale of the Republic of Belarus to the national rating scale of the Russian Federation, Belgazprombank was assigned a credit rating of ‘ruВBВ+’, outlook stable.

Belgazprombank Assigned ‘byAA+’ Belarus National Scale Credit Rating by Expert RA

According to Expert RA, the high ratings assigned to Belgazprombank are driven by a comfortable level of capital adequacy, liquidity position and operational efficiency, as well as a high assessment of Bank’s corporate governance system. According to the agency's estimates, the probability of Bank’s support by its supporting structure with its ‘ruAAA’ current credit rating from Expert RA is high. 

The full text of the rating release is available on the agency’s official website. 


Credit rating agency Expert RA, founded in 1997, is currently Russia’s oldest and largest credit rating agency both by customer base and by number of employees. Expert RA maintains more than 700 credit ratings, including 465 issuer ratings and 324 bond ratings. The agency's ratings are used by government agencies, stock exchanges and other entities of the Russian Federation when making decisions on the placement of financial assets, holding competitions and tenders. 

Belgazprombank, established in 1990, is one of TOP-7 Belarusian banks by assets and is recognized as a systemically important bank by the National Bank. High capitalization (as of December 1, 2023, the regulatory capital amounted to BYN 976 million) allows Belgazprombank to implement important country-scale projects, including cross-border projects, and at the same time to expand support for its key client segment – small and medium-sized companies.

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