Minsk held the General Shareholders Meeting of Belgazprombank

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Today the General Shareholders Meeting of Belgazprombank was held in Hotel Europe in Minsk, on which the results of the bank for the year 2015 were approved.

Minsk held the General Shareholders Meeting of Belgazprombank

Operating results of Belgazprombank for the year 2015 (press release)

The past 2015, the year of the 25th anniversary of Belgazprombank, was largely symbolic.

With the support of its employees who have demonstrated a high level of professionalism during a year which appeared difficult for the Belarusian economy, the bank once again proved its maturity and financial solvency as an effective financial institution and a reliable financial instrument for its customers.

As of 1 January 2016 Belgazprombank ranked sixth by capital and assets in the rating of the banking system of the Republic of Belarus. By the efficiency of the banking activity in 2015 the bank ranked first in the country – with 4.5% of the total assets of commercial banks it accumulated profit in the amount of 17.4% of the total profit of the banking system of the Republic of Belarus in 2015.

The continued support of shareholders is a key factor for the bank’s stable productive work. Thus, in early 2015 the bank attracted a long-term subordinated loan from Gazprom and the "Gazprombank" (Joint-stock Company). The amount of Russian rubles which was allocated to the bank (that is equivalent to 150 million US dollars) was provided by both major shareholders in equal proportions. The loan allowed bank to expand the scope of its credit support for Belarusian enterprises.

In 2015 a steady trend for the bank’s cooperation with financial institutions was continued. In particular, the package of agreements was signed with Eximbank of Russia for the purposes of financial support of the trade between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The first transaction was successfully effected by the bank under the cover of the Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR). Belgazprombank signed an agreement with a consortium of German banks AKA Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft mbH on investment projects financing. And in December of the last year Belgazprombank and the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus signed an agreement on joint financing of start-ups aimed at further stimulation of business activity of small and medium business in our country.

Due to the targeted and balanced work in the field of customer focus and product policy, bank succeeded in maintaining the existing customer base and attracting new customers in 2015.

In accordance with the approved strategy in 2015 the bank paid great attention to the development of remote and alternative services. Belgazprombank has become the first in Belarus who introduced confirmation of transactions through Touch ID technology.

The share of online deposits increased and amounted to 26% of all deposits placed by the clients. This was facilitated by the convenience, simplicity and functionality of existing remote service system "Internet Banking" and "Mobile Application". At the end of 2015 the bank's mobile app has been recognized as the best in Belarus in accordance with the results of an independent research by

In 2015 all remote payment instruments of the bank for individuals and legal entities were integrated into one simple and convenient service - which combines the functionality of internet banking, online payment systems which are available to the holders of all payment cards and online-applications.

Solutions in the field of crowd technologies have become one of the most significant initiatives of the bank in the past year. The first crowdfunding project was launched in 2015, implementing a number of progressive payment options of the bank. The bank also successfully launched WiKiBank platform on which the direct interaction became a reality for borrowers and depositors.

Defining the most important trends in the changing picture of the world economic system, Belgazprombank initiated the First International Conference on crowd economy ICC-2015, which took place on October 30 in Minsk and became the largest in Eastern Europe.

Successful international projects in socio-cultural sphere have become a distinctive feature of the bank.

In 2015 the International Children’s Charity Foundation "Chance", operating under the auspices of Belgazprombank, paid for treatment for 162 children and raised more than 26 billion rubles for this purpose.

For the first time within the framework of the project "Art-Belarus" the bank addressed to contemporary art within its unique project "Autumn Salon" aimed at revealing the prospects and potential of contemporary art of Belarus.

Festival shows of International Theatre Forum TEART celebrated its fifth birthday in 2015. These events were attended by nearly 10 000 people. 12 performances from 10 countries have been shown as part of its program.

Achievements of Brest Handball club named after A. P. Meshkov in 2015 are significant. The handball club has won another Belarus Champions title and another Country Cup, second place in the prestigious "SEHA – Gazprom League" championship, first place in the Belgazprombank championship and a victory in Champions League group stage.

The economy of the new reality, which rapidly changes the world around us and cancels the old rules and usual schemes of doing business, is already here. To know about it, accept it, to learn it and to follow its principles in daily activities - this is the correct target for anyone who wants to achieve success in this market today, tomorrow and always.

During the VI International Entrepreneurship Forum held on 14 November 2016 in Minsk JSC "Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus" announced the results of the Program on financial support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) being implemented in cooperation with partner-banks. For the second time Belgazprombank has become an absolute leader in terms of implemented projects and provided financing within the Program.

Belgazprombank attracted from the parent bank a EUR 45 mln 5-year loan. The attracted funds will be used to provide financial support to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities belonging to small and medium enterprises.
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Fitch Ratings has affirmed the Long-term Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) of Belgazprombank at 'B-' with Stable Outlook.

Belgazprombank took the first place in two categories (“Mobile iOS App – 2015” and “Mobile Android App – 2015”) at the annual bank awards ceremony organized by the financial and analytical portal “Infobank” ( The ceremony took place on February 25th in Minsk Crowne Plaza.

Belgazprombank will present a large-scale international art-project «Time and creative work of Leon Bakst», dedicated to the 150th anniversary from the artist’s birth. The exhibition is to be held in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus from 10 February till 17 April 2016.

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